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ABOUT NCI Advanced Research

It can be difficult to find quality products that can support the important functions of the human body, but here at NCI Advanced Research, we have products that can supplement and assist these life sustaining systems. Our products support some of the major systems, like the Cardiovascular, Immune, and Nervous systems, as well as others. was established to provide a convenient way to purchase our products.

Our supplements were developed and formulated by world renowned physician and scientist, Dr. Hans Nieper. His formulas were specifically designed to be absorbed in the body quickly and efficiently. We painstakingly research each raw ingredient to assure that the highest potency, most assimilable materials are used and that they meet Dr. Nieper’s standards of excellence. All of our products are then scientifically formulated and meticulously manufactured. Only then is a product packaged, labeled and given NCI Advanced Research brand.

Dr. Nieper’s nutritional supplements have been programmed to address specific needs metabolically; therefore you can be assured that the Advanced Research brand represents one of the most advanced, bio-available, results oriented, nutritional products available anywhere in the world.

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