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NCI Advanced Research

Quality health care supplements from Dr. Hans Nieper, MD

About Dr. Hans Nieper

As reported in several international journals, the late Dr. Hans A. Nieper was “truly one of the genius of this century”. He achieved significant international acclaim in science, medicine and technology.

In the field of medicine, he discovered various “metabolic substances” necessary in cell metabolism. He referred them as “mineral transporters”. They are the orotates, aspartates, arginates and AEP compounds.

Dr. Nieper published two books: The Curious Man and Revolution in Technology and Medicine. In The Curious Man, Dr. Nieper shares his insights on the inextricable relationship between the body’s cellular energy and personal health. While in the Revolution in Technology and Medicine, he offers in-depth scientific description of his research and theories in medicine and vacuum/space field physics.

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Organic Transporter

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Each NCI ADVANCED RESEARCH product has been designed to address specific needs metabolically; therefore, you can be assured that the NCI ADVANCED RESEARCH brand represents one of the most advanced bio-available and results oriented nutritional products available today!

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